Creativity Workshop – Poetry In Motion

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St. Stephen’s University – 8 Main St, St. Stephen, NB

Thursday, August 15, 2019


Cost: $15 (Day Pass) or Festival Pass

We’re kicking off Bonfire Festival 2019 with a morning of poetry and dance! Join us in Park Hall’s Red Room (St. Stephen’s University’s main floor) for a series of readings from poets–including Margaret Anne Smith (Saint John), Katie Gorrie (St. Stephen), and Erin Lyndsay (Montreal)–followed by a contemporary dance performance by Avery Smith (Vancouver). In this intimate setting, you’ll be up close and personal with these artists as they share their gifts of creative communication.

There is an incredible ability for words to touch the deepest part of our being and to bring buried truths to light. Poetry gives a voice to that which is felt more than easily said. We couldn’t be more excited to start the festivities by diving into the wordplay of three wonderfully articulate women. The ambiance of their prose will then set the stage for the communicative power of Avery’s body in motion.

Bonfire Festival is not your typical folk fest. We want to celebrate a variety of art forms that will inspire you to pursue your own creative passions and to collaborate with your community in new ways. We’ve left time at the end of this event to dialogue with our “Poetry in Motion” artists about their process, their inspiration, and why creative expression is important to them.







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