Creativity Workshop – Electronic Music Tutorial

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St. Stephen’s University – 8 Main St, St. Stephen, NB

Saturday, August 17, 2019

10:00am – 12:00pm

Cost: $15 (Day Pass) or Festival Pass

Rick Coates is a true music lover with a great passion for electronic music. His transcendental ambient tracks are varied and fine tuned, evoking a deep and emotional experience. He’s the kind of guy that really takes note of those tiny, subtle shifts in tone and pitch that give a track its depth of character. (

Rick wants to share his love with all of us by leading a tutorial for how to create a digital track. This creativity workshop will give any level of musician the tools they need to start creating tracks right on their laptop. We hope that Rick’s passion will become yours too, and that you continue to be inspired to create great art and collaborate with your community.

In this workshop you will learn how to use free software tools, running on a personal computer, to create electronic music. We will start with the basics of electronic music making using the open-source virtual modular synthesizer, VCV Rack, which is available as a free download for both Mac and Windows, and has an ever-growing library of free add-on modules. Once we have covered the basics, we will build a synthesizer “patch” and create a complete song from scratch. If you bring a laptop and headphones, we will get VCV Rack setup on your computer, so you can follow along as we create a song together, plus you will have VCV Rack to continue your journey in making electronic music.




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